The government is to continue consulting with retailers over its controversial plans to introduce a Grocery Code Adjudicator.

At the British Retail Consortium annual dinner this week, retail minister Mark Prisk told the audience he was committed to a "continued dialogue" with them on the issue.

Prisk was responding to a challenge from BRC chairman Luke Mayhew to reverse the "bureaucratic creep" that was still stifling business the Adjudicator being a prime example.

The government plans to introduce legislation on the Adjudicator next year, with the office coming into being early in 2012.

Prisk said the government was listening to retailers' concerns and cited its decision to postpone the increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20% until 4 January rather than the middle of the busy Christmas and New Year sales period. The previous administration was heavily criticised by retailers for introducing the temporary VAT cut to 15% on 31 December 2009.