Coca-Cola Enterprises has launched its latest innovative on-pack promotion, which gives football fans all over the country the chance to win a massive £25,000 for their club to buy a top youth player.

Other great prizes are available, including £1,000 cash and a shirt signed by Wayne Rooney.

The promotion is running for eight weeks with a draw for £25,000 taking place every week until 1 March.

The promotion will feature on original Coca-Cola, worth £488m in retail sales, and Coke Zero, which is currently worth a massive £60.4m, having grown by 126.3% since being launched in 2006 .

These are exciting times for Coca-Cola, which has just unveiled its first new global packaging redesign in decades in a move to recapture its original iconic visual identity (see p72).

To celebrate the new year and the launch of the football promotion, Coca-Cola Enterprises is offering five retailers the chance to win five cases each of special packs of Coca-Cola.

To be in with a chance of winning, tick the box on the form right and send it in as soon as you can!