Coca-Cola has announced it is on track to beat targets for reducing its carbon footprint.

It has also made pledges to use its backing of the 2012 Olympics to further speed up the process.

Some 476,000 tonnes of carbon were emitted by Coca-Cola Enterprises in Britain last year, a 5.5% reduction on 2007 levels, a new report by the company revealed.

The reductions meant it was on track to exceed its commitment four years ago to reduce emissions 15% by 2020, although managing director Simon Baldry said it realised there was "a long road ahead".

Coca-Cola's sponsorship of London 2012 would be used to help make it a "truly sustainable event", Baldry said.

The report revealed that Dagenham warehouse, 'Voltaic', which will coordinate deliveries for the Games, already featured a roof that generated solar electricity as well as heating and cooling systems that used geothermal energy which together would save 121.5 tonnes of CO2 per year.

It has also committed to reducing the water usage ratio at its Schweppes Abbey Well water plant, in Morpeth, to 1.2 litres per litre by the start of the Games. The report showed CCE's water use ratio in 2010 was 1.36 litres per litre of drink produced an 11.7% reduction on 2007.

It has also set up 130 recycle zones across Britain, beating its target of 80, allowing it to collect more than 338 tonnes of recyclate since the scheme's 2008 launch.