Maxxium UK is ploughing #600,000 into advertising and sponsorship for Cointreau in the run up to Christmas. The brand has linked up with Classic FM in a bid to reach older consumers with higher disposable incomes. Cointreau will sponsor the station's 10th birthday concert later this month as well as having brand credits and trailers around radio shows. A direct mail campaign has also been launched, aimed at encouraging 50,000 consumers to try Cointreau. The main focus of the Where Ice Meets Fire campaign will be to remind drinkers of the different ways in which it can be consumed. Maxxium UK's senior marketing manager Phil McLaughlin said: "Many liqueur brands focus on revamping and rejuvenating their image, but Cointreau is confident in its classic appeal. This sponsorship will ensure that consumers experience Cointreau in a memorable way." {{MARKETING }}