Work carried out so far by the Red Meat Industry Forum would lead to income improvements of between £500m and £800m a year if applied to a “critical mass” of the red meat industry.
The figures were calculated by Andrew Fearne of Imperial College, London, who undertook a survey of the RMIF’s work since it was set up in 2001.
He claimed RMIF initiatives yielded cost reductions of 2%-7% for
farmers and 3%-15% for processors. He also claimed that Value Chain Analysis, linking up farmers, processors and retailers, could yield the biggest potential benefits and generate savings equating to 4%-5% of retail value.
But he warned: “Significant barriers to supply chain collaboration remain.”
Peter Barr, chairman of the RMIF and MLC, said: “The industry needs to take up the RMIF challenge further. The time for talk has now gone.”