America's latest toy craze is the Digimon Digital Monsters and Magic Box International is launching the official Digimon sticker collectable series this week in the UK. Distributed by MMC on full SoR, the series includes 240 exclusive stickers and a collector's album. Individual packs contain six stickers, priced at 30p and the album costs £1.50. More than three million packs of stickers will be on sale. Promotion for the new collectible includes 150,000 give-away packs with Digimon magazine and WIC KID magazine, a voucher scheme in the national and regional press, a nationwide shopping centre sampler campaign and TV advertising during Fox Kids and Cartoon Network programmes. Magic Box also launches a Hallowe'en lucky dip this week. The contents include 10 mystery surprises such as stickers, sweets, and Hallowe'en fangs. Distribution is by MMC on full SoR to independent newsagents, price is £1.50. {{CTN }}