Southern Comfort has launched a £1m TV advertising campaign to run up until Christmas Eve.
The campaign, which is aimed at Southern Comfort’s key target market of adult males aged up to 34, will be supported by posters featuring the straplines: ‘Some nights anything can happen. Most nights it does’ and ‘The best plan for a great night. Plan nothing.’
The return of its TV campaign, which will be aired for an extra week in Scotland between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, shows groups of friends exchanging presents, pointing out that even the best of friends can get it wrong. After a succession of disappointing gifts, one friend unwraps a bottle of Southern Comfort. The ad finishes with the tagline ‘Comfort & joy between friends’.
Bruce Ray, director of trade marketing for Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands, said: “The ad is meant to encapsulate the festive spirit, gift giving and the joy of socialising with friends.”