from Richard Lowe, marketing director, Meat and Livestock Commission
Sir; re Grant Mackie saying half the pig promotion levy was spent promoting the competition; "we're giving a leg-up to the Danes" (The Grocer, November 2, p49). The reality is very different.
A fundamental principle adhered to in the strategic deployment of the British pig promotion levy is to focus on quality British pork and pork products.
Where British pork has a high share of the market (such as in fresh pork in the multiples), then it is sensible to grow the market.
Where British share is much lower (such as in the retail bacon category) then it makes no sense to grow the category and suck in more imports.
Rather, concentration should be on promoting premium British lines and building their share. Over the past few years our marketing programmes have shifted away from generic approaches towards more support of individual supply chain projects, all underpinned by the endorsement of the British Meat Quality Standard Mark.
All of which means competing vigorously with the Danes, not giving them a leg-up.