from David Louis, MD Blue Water Agency, Soulbury, Bucks

Sir; The Shopper’s Eye piece on breakfast cereals (Insight, March 6, p25), as well as your instore merchandising feature (Converts along the Counters, Feb 21, p42-3) appealed as I find that consumer behaviour is fascinating.
With 75% of purchasing decisions made instore, competition is fierce in the shopping aisles. Brands have their work cut out to make an impact. But there are a few instore factors that are simple to implement and can make an outstanding difference to sales.
At Blue Water, we refer to the four “Ps” of compliance: Product - is it stocked? Is it on shelf?; Price - is it priced correctly?;
Position - is it in best location, correct number of facings, hot spot opportunities?; and Promotion - are agreed promotions being run?
It is surprising how many brands fail to ensure these basic compliances.