Proving there is no such thing as bad publicity, Allied Domecq is trying to make the most of a truly atrocious result on The Grocer's Taste Panel for its new brand, Magma (The Grocer, March 2, p68). It has issued a release to the national press highlighting the more vitriolic comments including a description of the brand as the most noxious, nauseating and comprehensively disgusting concoction possible'. The panel gave it 14 out of a possible 100 (the lowest score in our Taste Panel's history) but Allied Domecq maintained the brand, a glutinous shot drink with a chilli afterburn, is just the product that will get 18-to 30-year-olds going on a Friday or Saturday night. If nothing else, it could provoke a demand from the hacks who won't believe anything could be that bad. {{COUNTERPOINT }}