Leatherhead Food International is inviting food companies to a meeting on January 14 to establish ways of ensuring that Glycaemic Index (GI) labelling is used consistently.
The Australian dieting regime, which encourages followers to avoid foods that cause the highs and lows in blood sugar levels that can prompt snacking, has become popular in the UK this year, with Tesco now using GI ratings on selected lines.
The aim of the meeting is to develop wording relating to GI claims on labels acceptable to UK authorities in association with the Food Standards Agency, said a Leatherhead Food International spokesman. Separately, LFI is establishing a research group to look at reducing sugar in processed foods following concerns about rising obesity levels.
Although a wide range of sugar replacements based on polyols, soluble dietary fibres and other ingredients are available, they have different properties to sugar and more research is needed to see if they can do the same job.
The group is also to look at recipe development and shelf life testing.
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