Frozen foods have historically achieved high scores through Fast Foodfax but, aside from ice cream, ratings have been lower this year.

That is not a reflection of the levels of innovation - there has been a fairly consistent flow of new products at every level of the market.

It is more a reflection of the impact of broader food trends on the sector.

The fish category has been particularly active with new coatings such as Tempura and Light & Crispy both offering a less greasy mouthfeel, thereby complementing existing high health perceptions.

But levels of approval for new ready meals have fallen.

Similarly, in the core categories of pizza and desserts, ratings have not matched those seen in previous years.

Health worries are clearly playing a significant role in pushing down overall scores, with claimed frequency of purchase compared with historical averages.

Tesco Green Vegetables with Lemon & Black Pepper SCORE: 37 AVERAGE: 29

Something new and different to add to the repertoire of freezer standbys. Would-buy intentions rose strongly after trial.

Young's Light & Crispy Seafood Dippers SCORE: 39 AVERAGE: 38

More sophisticated than fish nuggets, more versatile than scampi, these Dippers were highly rated, particularly by younger respondents.

Weight Watchers Chocolate & Raspberry Fusion SCORE: 39 AVERAGE: 39

A high rating for a diet product, this dessert had appeal beyond its heartland market. Getting wider trial will be the problem.