With bottled water now in many instances a commodity, innovations over the past year have tended to focus on drawing on other values linked to wider aspects of refreshment, such as relaxation or mineral fortification for active people.

The launches are based on the premise that their target audiences are prepared to pay the premium price for these attributes.

However, the key to a successful concept is that it offers genuine refreshment.

Sometimes, flavour additions, sweeteners and other infusions inhibit refreshment delivery while not enhancing the total proposition.

However, in this price-sensitive sector, succeeding with a new branded water is difficult without some form of distinctive source, or advertising that evokes emotional satisfaction.

Drench looked good but failed to convert potential through a lack of a distinctive proposition, combined with a high price premium at launch.

Panda Spring - Banana & Strawberry SCORE: 25 AVERAGE: 30

A well-presented flavoured water that children loved.Adult testers were less impressed with the artificial and very sweet flavour.

Slazenger Ionic Water SCORE: 27 AVERAGE: 31

A drink for people who know about and value the benefits of ionic mineral fortification. Regular users were less impressed, although most agreed it tasted good.

Carpe Diem Botanic Water - Harmonising SCORE: 26 AVERAGE: 31

Innovative but disappointing.

This drink looked good but lacked a distinctive flavour. Strongest appeal was to younger tasters.