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A striking feature of change in the market has been the growth in popularity of still options. Lighter fresher tastes, with no fizz or lighter carbonation, are much more popular than would have been imagined in the 1980s, when many people would have thought them wishy-washy.
Bottled water offers limited opportunities for development, so new mineral and spring-based products frequently incorporate fruit or fruit flavourings. However, going too far with additional ingredients may destroy the very values that water-based drinks seek to achieve.
A flavoured mineral water with an added kick of caffeine that was most likely to be bought by pre-family consumers. The refreshing, cleansing fruit flavour added to the appeal, as did the Aldi price of 39p.
Blended apple juice and spring water from Radnor Hills that, while pleasant, did not stand out from the competition. The light level of carbonation was liked, but the lack of apple aroma disappointed.
Light, refreshing drinks that would once have been thought wishy-washy
Put to the test: three recent launches (maximum score 50)Coolwater Boost - Blackberry Score: 34 Category average: 30
Honest to Goodness Spring Water - Apple Score: 32 Category average: 30
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