Key trends in the consumption of canned vegetables in the home and lunchbox

- Last year 1.8 billion meal occasions featured canned vegetables, up by 1% year-on-year
- Adult males consume 41% of canned vegetables
- Over 55% of canned veg are eaten between 5pm and 7pm

Canned veg are a convenient staple for evening meals

Convenience is key for canned vegetables - more than half of consumption is motivated by practicality.

Only 14% of occasions are driven by health. Consumers consider canned veg only half as healthy as the total vegetables category. Canned veg make up about 10% of total vegetable consumption.

Male consumers generally demonstrate a higher rate of consumption of canned veg than they do of total food because of their convenience.

For older consumers, convenience is less important. The over 65s over-index on fresh and frozen vegetables, which are seen as healthier.

The evening meal accounts for 57% of canned veg occasions. Boiling (39%) and microwaving (19%) are the top two methods of heating. Some 96% of all canned vegetables are eaten hot.

Typical accompanying foods are potatoes and pasta, reflecting the fact that canned vegetables are mainly eaten as a component of an evening meal.

Drummond Richards, TNS