When shellfish is eaten

- In the past year there was a total of 69.9 million individual shellfish meal occasions

- The consumption of shellfish has decreased by 7% compared with last year

- Women aged 45-64 account for 18% of all shellfish consumption

- Males aged 35-44 and women aged 25-34 are showing the best levels of growth compared with last year

- The core occasion for the consumption of shellfish is the evening meal, when just over half of all shellfish is eaten. Consumption at evening meals has increased by 1.1% compared with last year

- The next most popular occasion for shellfish consumption is lunchtime, with just less than one-third of shellfish consumed at this time

- Consumption of shellfish in home snacks has declined by 15% compared with the year before

- A quarter of all shellfish is consumed on a Saturday. Consumption levels on other days of the week are broadly similar

- Shellfish is most likely to be eaten with bread or rolls (44%), then salad (40%) and vegetables (31%)
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