Age profile of cauliflower consumersnIn the past year, there were 975 million cauliflower meals, 6% higher than in 2003
nAround one in 25 of our evening meals include cauliflower
nAlmost 60% of cauliflower is consumed by over 45sSunday remains special for cauliflower consumptionGrowth in consumption of cauliflower continues to rise among all consumers, though children still under-index compared with total veg.
More than one third of cauliflower is eaten on a Sunday, since it is an important accompaniment to the Sunday roast, with 55% consumed on Sunday eaten at lunch. Growth has been generated by the over 45s, who have increased Sunday consumption 13% year-on-year.
Of products eaten with cauliflower, Sunday roasts and potatoes are in growth.
During the week, the evening meal accounts for two thirds of consumption. However, it is at teatime that cauliflower is gaining most - up 40% over 2003. Children are driving this growth, with their consumption up 69% year-on-year. Kids’ teatime accounts for 32 million meals.
The number of occasions for cauliflower cheese has fallen year-on-year by 2% to 43 million meals.
At lunch cauliflower is chosen for health reasons just over one third of the time (34.8%), which means it is considered no more healthy than total vegetables.
Outside lunch, however, cauliflower is chosen for health reasons on 41.5% of occasions compared with only 33.8% for total vegetables.
David Edwards, TNS
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