When yellow fats are eaten
nConsumption has decreased by 5.6% over the past year
nAdults aged 45+ account for 49% of all consumption
nThe key consumption occasions are breakfast (38%) and lunch (31%)
Healthy alternatives needed to address declineYellow fats are consumed consistently through the week, predominantly at breakfast and lunch, although consumption dips on a Sunday.
This means yellow fats are very much a staple product, consumed as part of a weekly routine. Consumption for the primary reason of habit and routine accounts for 13% of all yellow fats consumption.
However, yellow fats consumption has been in steady decline in recent years, registering a total drop of 9.2% since 2001. It is declining across all consumer groups, in particular among children aged 0-5 and males and females aged 17-24.
The most likely reason for this is increasing concern about health, reflected in the blanket coverage of the issue of obesity by the media. Health as a primary reason for consumption has increased 4% for all foods in the past year.
Yellow fats manufacturers need to concentrate on producing convincing low-fat and healthy alternatives.
Esther Cunningham, TNS
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