>>Trends in consumption of strawberries in home and lunchbox

¦ Strawberries were consumed on 578 million occasions in the past year, representing growth of 13% over a three-year period
¦ Twice as many were carried and eaten out of the home in 2005 compared with 2004
¦ More strawberries are consumed for reasons of enjoyment than they are for health (46% versus 44%, respectively)

Strawberries are perceived as indulgent when eaten as a dessert, especially at the weekend. If eaten for weekday breakfast, health is the main driver.
Strawberries, then, can be perceived differently depending upon occasion. Suppliers have capitalised by identifying the link between strawberries, health and breakfast through including strawberries as key ingredients in healthier cereal offerings.
Adults aged over 45 eat 55% of strawberries, although this is in line with their high share of consumption of all fruits.
However, strawberries are different to other fruits in that they also have greater appeal to younger consumers. The sweet taste is growing in appeal to 11 to 35-year-olds (+17% year-on-year). Strawberries are replacing traditional snacks such as cakes and chocolate.
Consumption of strawberries eaten out of home has doubled compared with last year.
Although only 5% are eaten in this way, this growth presents a major opportunity through smaller formats and robust packaging for carrying out.
Some 17% of strawberries are eaten with ice cream, compared with 15% eaten with cream.
Chris Ponton, TNS Worldpanel