Age profiles of satsuma eaters

In the last year there were 227 million individual satsuma meal occasions

The consumption of satsumas has declined by 7.5% compared with last year

Women aged 45-64 account for 25% of all satsumas that are consumed

Women aged 17-24 and men aged 25-34 are showing the best levels of growth, 22.3% and 11.1% respectively versus last year

Only men aged 45+ have any real market share in terms of satsuma’s consumed. They account for 19% of consumption

The core occasion for the consumption of satsumas is the in home snacking occasion. Four out of every 10 satsumas are consumed as a snack

The next most popular occasion for satsuma’s is lunch at 26% but this is in decline by 15%

Only 9% are consumed at breakfast

Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to Nov 2002.

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