Age profile of shellfish consumers

- There were 75.1 million individual meal occasions of shellfish consumed in 2003

- Consumption of shellfish has grown by 15% over the last three years

- Shellfish is fairly seasonal, with consumption increasing in the summer/autumn periods, although it still remains high in winter and spring

- Over 60% of shellfish is consumed by the 45+, while over 50% is consumed by women

- The largest growth amongst consumers comes from males aged 45-64 who have increased their consumption by 19%

Just under 50% of shellfish is consumed at the evening meal, making them almost twice as likely as total foods to be consumed at this occasion

- Shellfish is most popular on a Saturday (just under 20% is consumed)

- Top product consumed with shellfish is bread/rolls
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to Nov 2002.

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