Percentage of meal occasions

n There were 17.7 billion individual yellow fat meal occasions in 2003. This has decreased by 3.7% over the last two years
n Men aged 45-64 are the largest consumers of yellow fats, making up 13.8% of their total consumption
n Females aged 17-24 consume only 3.4% of yellow fats. Their consumption has decreased by 7.1% over the last two years, more than any other age group
n Males of the same age consume only 3.6% of yellow fats, but their consumption has increased by 4.6%. They are one of only two consumer groups to have increased their consumption (the other being 0-5s)
n One third of yellow fats are consumed at breakfast, while 13.6% are consumed as part of lunchbox consumption
n The most popular time to consume yellow fats is between 1:00pm and 2:00pm, with 15.9% being consumed at this time. 14.9% is consumed between 8:00am and 9:00am
n 92.3% of yellow fats are spread on bread and rolls, 77% are spread on sandwiches while 34% are spread on toast
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