Percentage of meal occasions

n There were 645 million individual pepper meal occasions in the year ending May 2003
n The consumption of peppers has increased by 1.7% year-on-year
n Peppers account for 3.6% of total vegetable consumption and 11.7% of all salad vegetable consumption
n In comparison to other salad vegetables, peppers are ‘youthful’. Adults under 45 proportionately consume more peppers than total salad vegetables
n The key consumers are adults aged 25-34 who over-index with peppers at 18% of pepper consumption
n Adults aged 65-plus are low consumers of peppers with only 13% of consumption
n Peppers are eaten during the day but the evening meal dominates when 70% are consumed - a rise of 1.4% on last year
n Peppers are mainly consumed with bread and rolls (28%) and poultry and potatoes (both 24%)
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to May 2003.
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