Age profile of canned sweetcorn consumers

In the last year there were 692 million individual meals with sweetcorn
The consumption of sweetcorn has decreased by 6% versus last year
Adults aged 45-64 account for 23% of all sweetcorn consumption
Females 35-44 and kids 11-16 are the only two groups that are increasing their sweetcorn consumption, by 6.3% and 4.9% respectively
Women dominate in terms of consumption, accounting for 41% of all sweetcorn consumption
The core occasion for the consumption of sweetcorn is the evening meal (67%). 6.7 out of every 10 sweetcorn occasions occur here. Consumption has decreased across all occasions versus last year
The next most popular meal for sweetcorn is lunchtime (at 16% - presumably salad and sandwiches have a high influence here), but teatime is not far behind (15%)
The most popular days for consumption are Thursday and Sunday, accounting for 16.5% and 16.6% respectively
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