When canned pilchards are consumed

n In the last year there were 28.3 million individual canned pilchards meal occasions

n The consumption of canned pilchards has decreased by 2.7% versus last year

n Adults aged 45+ account for 83.6% of all canned pilchard consumption

n The 65+ age group has increased its consumption over the last year by 13%

n Canned pilchards are far less important for the under 45s with all groups in that age group under-indexing for consumption

n The core occasion for the consumption of canned pilchards is lunch (44%) where over four out of every 10 canned pilchard occasions occur

n Consumption has moved away from teatime and towards the traditionally stronger lunch and the evening meal occasion, perhaps reflecting the lighter nature of these meals

n Consumption of canned pilchards is fairly constant Monday-Thursday with each day accounting for about a sixth

n Sunday, traditionally the least important day, has showed a 45% decline in consumption
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