When raspberries are eaten

n In the last year there were 113.8 million individual raspberry meal occasions
n The consumption of raspberries has increased by 0.8% compared with last year
n Women aged 45+ account for 44% of all raspberries that are consumed, while males aged 45+ account for 29% of consumption
n Kids account for only 8% of total raspberry consumption, under-indexing across all ages in comparison to their total fruit consumption
n The core occasion for the consumption of raspberries is the evening meal, with half of all raspberries being consumed at this time of day
n Breakfast and in home snacks are the only occasions that are in decline for raspberry consumption. Breakfast accounts for 10% of all raspberries consumed, while in home snacking accounts for 5%
n Compared to total fruit consumption, raspberries are more likely to be consumed at the weekend, accounting for a third of total consumption of this fruit
n 21% of all raspberries are consumed with ice-cream, while 17% are consumed with cream and 15% with yoghurt
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