What cauliflower is consumed with

n 56% of cauliflower is consumed by people aged 45+. Nevertheless these groups are reducing their consumption of cauliflower versus last year
n The core occasion for the consumption of cauliflower is the evening meal where 57% is consumed. Consumption around this occasion has shown a slight decrease of 5.5% vs the last year
n The next most popular meal for cauliflower is lunch with a third consumed at this occasion. There has been an increase of 17% in consumption at this occasion
n The most popular day for consumption is Sunday, linking to the traditional Sunday roast. This day accounts for 36% of cauliflower consumed. However, there has a decline of cauliflower consumption on this day by 12%
n 47% of cauliflower is consumed between 6-9pm in the evening. It is 97% more likely to be consumed at this time of day than other foods
n 52% of cauliflower is consumed with gravy, but this figure is down 6% over the past year
n A further 10% is consumed with roast beef joints, 6% with roast lamb joints and 15% with whole chickens. Consumption with all these meats is in decline
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