Consumption of prawns by age group

n In the last year there were 152 million individual prawn meal occasions
n The consumption of prawns has decreased 7% versus last year
n Adults aged 45-64 account for 54% of all prawn consumption
n Young adults are showing the best levels of increase consumption, males 17-24 leading the way at +17.9% and females 25-34 at +16%.
n Women dominate in terms of consumption, accounting for 50% of all prawns consumed
n The core occasion for the consumption of prawns is the evening meal (55%). 5.4 out of every 10 prawn occasions occur here. Consumption has decreased across all occasions except lunch (+7%) vs. last year
n The next most popular meal for prawns is lunchtime with 28% - presumably salad and sandwiches have a high influence on consumption patterns here
n The most popular days for consumption are Friday and Saturday accounting for 16.4% and 18.3% respectively
n Consumption levels peak between 6-7pm, this accounts for 31% and 1-2pm accounts for 16%
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