When peas are consumed (% change 2000/2002)

n In the last year there were 2.8 billion individual meal occasions when peas were consumed
n The consumption of peas has decreased by 3% versus last year
n Children under 10 are low consumers of peas (compared to total foods), accounting for less than 11% of all peas consumed. They are driving the decline
n However, older children (11-16yrs) are increasing their consumption of peas with 3% y-o-y growth and now account for 7.5% of pea consumption
n The key occasion for the consumption is the evening meal. Six out of very 10 pea meals are eaten at this occasion. Teatime is also important, accounting for 19% of pea meals
n 20% of pea meals are eaten at lunch but peas consumed at this occasion are in decline by 8%
n The majority of peas are boiled or steamed on the hob. However, 17% are actually cooked in the microwave
n Peas are unlikely to be eaten on a Saturday mealtime when less than 10% of all peas are consumed. However, due to their compatibility with roasts, 18% of peas are eaten on a Sunday
n There is also high consumption on Monday, around 15%
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