How eggs are cooked

n Eggs play a major part in our diets, featuring at over 1.6 billion meal occasions a year. Nearly 3 billion servings of eggs are consumed a year

n Total egg consumption has declined by almost 2% versus 2001

n Children under 17 account for just 14.8% of all consumers, the smallest proportion of consumers

n Although they account for only 9% of eggs consumed, notably 17-24s (both males & females) are one of the few age groups to have increased their egg consumption over the past year by almost 8%. The largest decline is by adults 25-34 (down 8%)

n Older consumers (aged 45+) are the main consumers of eggs accounting for over 50% of all egg consumption

n Compared with all foods, men over-consume eggs. While women aged 45+ also over-consume, younger women under-consume

n Over a third of consumption takes place at weekends

n Breakfast accounts for 39% of total consumption. This is followed by lunch at 25% and evening meal at 23%
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to Nov 2002.

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