Consumption of canned vegetables by age

Age of consumers
n Canned vegetables feature at almost 900 million meals a year. More than 2.2 billion servings of canned vegetables are consumed a year

n Children under 17 account for 21% of all canned vegetable consumption compared with only 15% of fresh vegetables

n Adults 17-44 account for 42% of all canned vegetables eaten compared with only 35% for fresh vegetables

n The evening meal is the main occasion for the consumption of canned vegetables, accounting for 58% of total consumption

n Canned vegetables are a midweek staple. Almost three-quarters of their consumption takes place on Mondays to Fridays

n Almost 40% of canned vegetables are boiled or steamed. A further 20% are microwaved and 19% are heated in a pan. A further 5% are eaten cold

n The most popular types of canned vegetable are peas (38% of all occasions) and tomatoes (32%). Canned sweetcorn is consumed at 15% of all meal occasions
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