Consumption of broccoli by age

Age of consumers
n There were 1270.9 million servings of broccoli in 2002

n 63.2% of broccoli meal occasions were at the evening meal. 57.4% of broccoli is eaten between 6pm-9pm

n 26.3% of broccoli is consumed on a Sunday. This compares with 15.3% of total vegetables which are consumed on a Sunday

n 87.6% of broccoli is boiled or steamed. That is 512.6 million meal occasions

n 8.1% is microwaved or reheated - around 47.1 million occasions

n Broccoli is a popular vegetable with children (under 17s). 19.6% of broccoli is consumed by children

n Females over the age of 45 make up 25.8% of broccoli consumption. Males over the age of 45 comprise only 18.6% of the vegetable’s consumption

n 72.1% of occasions when broccoli is consumed occur when only adults are present
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