Age profile of pea consumers

n Peas account for 16 per cent of our total vegetable consumption and three billion servings were consumed in the year to November 2002. At a total level, consumption of peas in the home is static

n 19 per cent of peas are consumed by children under 16 compared with only 16 per cent of total vegetables

n Peas are less popular among women 45+. They account for only 23% of consumption versus 26% for total vegetables

n Children under 10 have shown an 8% growth in their pea consumption versus 2001

n Pea consumption among men has decreased by 2.5 per cent. Pea consumption among women has remained level

n 60% of peas are consumed at the evening meal. 16 per cent are consumed at teatime. Peas are slightly more likely to be eaten at these occasions than total vegetables

n The proportion of peas consumed at each meal occasion has remained relatively static over the past two years. Peas are less likely than total vegetables to be consumed at lunch

n Saturday is the least popular day for eating peas accounting for only 10% of peas consumed. Pea consumption on a Friday has declined over the past two years (15% of consumption) but is particularly high in comparison to total vegetables.
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Year to November 2002.

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