When apricots are eaten

n In the last year there were 124 million individual meal occasions of apricots. Consumption has decreased 17% versus last year.
n Apricot consumption has an older consumer profile as adults aged 45+ account for over 80% of all consumption. Within this group (45+), women are the core consumers, as they account for 57% of all consumption.
n Kids under-index in their consumption of apricots and account for only 6% of the total consumption. Their consumption is also declining with the total market.
n The core occasion is breakfast. Half of all apricots are eaten at this occasion. A quarter are consumed between 8am and 9am. Apricots are 169% more likely to be consumed at breakfast when compared to other fruit eaten then.
n The second most popular occasion for consuming apricots is the evening meal where 17% of apricots are consumed. However, this occasion is in down 20% since 2002.
n Monday and Tuesday appear to be the key part of the week when apricots are consumed. Apricots are 20% more likely to be consumed on a Saturday than other fruit.
n The top five complementary foods with apricots are tea, breakfast cereals, bread, fruit/vegetable juice and coffee.
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