Consumer profile of broccoli

n In the last year there were 1.3 billion individual broccoli meal occasions. The consumption of broccoli has increased by 1.8 % versus last year.
n Females over the age of 45 make up over one quarter of the total consumption of broccoli, at 26.2%. Males over 45 account for 20.2%.
n Children obviously prefer broccoli to other vegetables. Those aged up to 16 consume 19.2%, but only 17.6% of total vegetables.
n The only age groups who are consuming less broccoli than they did a year ago are the 0-5s (down 9.6%), 17-24 males (down 2.6%) and 25-34 females (down 16.5%).
n The key occasion for brocoli is, unsurprisingly, the evening meal, when 63.2% of broccoli is consumed. Lunch makes up 24.2% of its total consumption, and teatime 12.2%,
n Teatime has seen a growth in broccoli consumption of 14.5% over the last year. The evening meal occasion has also increased, by 1.3%. Broccoli consumption at lunch has decreased by 2.7%
n 13.9% is consumed on Monday, dropping to 13.6% on Tuesday. It then continues to fall every day of the week, until it reaches 8.7% of Saturday.
n 35.6% of broccoli is consumed between 6-7pm
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