The Consumers Association has called on the food manufacturing industry to label its products “honestly” and to stop “misleading customers”.

The call followed a survey by the CA which revealed that the names of products surveyed often bore no relation to their actual ingredients.

In its publication Which?, the CA asked 90 people to give their views on the main ingredients in five products likely to be eaten during the festive season.

Products which drew attention included Paxo’s Celebration Sausagemeat and Thyme Stuffing mix.

Deputy director general of the Food and Drink Federation Martin Paterson said that food manufacturers agree that labelling should be truthful and not misleading.

“Manufacturers need to be able to differentiate their products from their competitors in the marketplace, but do have to try and get across as much information to consumers on what can sometimes be a very small place,” he said.

Paterson added that the FDF is “already” working with the Food Standards Agency to improve food labelling.