SIR; We were interested to read that Wineflair had thrown out some of its PayPoint and Payzone terminals because of its dissatisfaction with the networks and the fact that staff theft and collusion with customers was a major problem (&'Wineflair war on pay terminals&', 13 May, p12).
There are several controls that can help solve this problem. For example, each till operator can be given a pin number to enter every time a transaction is carried out. This enables supervisors to check who is doing what.
If the stores have CCTV, perhaps they need to move a camera to cover the till areas, and staff should be given log in codes when using the tills.
We hope these measures help Wineflair and others in a similar position, as 65% of store losses are down to staff or delivery drivers.
William & Lesley Brown
Frankmarsh Store, Barnstaple