The UK's leading c-store chain has reined in its store acquisitions policy, but refuses to comment on whether this signals an imminent bid for its ailing rival Alldays. T&S chief executive Jim McCarthy said the company had cancelled its interest in a handful of sites, but claimed this was due to a normal review rather than putting all acquisitions on hold. Rival c-store groups and estate agents claim T&S has suspended all acquisitions. But McCarthy said: "If anyone thinks they are going to get a site cheap because we are out of the market, they are going to be disappointed." He said T&S had acquired in excess of 115 stores this year (including 100 Day & Nite stores) and he expected to exceed that number next year. Alldays is considering offers from a number of parties, but McCarthy said he could not comment about speculation that T&S was one of them. Sainsbury and CWS have been suggested as potential purchasers, but both may be interested in groups of sites rather than the entire 700 store company, which has debts of £175m. Alldays' Scottish operation could prove attractive to T&S which has more than 1,200 stores in England and Wales but none north of the border. One industry insider said: "The most likely outcome is that the company will be carved up rather than sold as a single entity." {{NEWS }}