New legislation on annual leave could discourage convenience stores from taking on temporary staff, according to the Association of Convenience Stores. The UK's Working Time Directive is to be amended urgently following a ruling from the European Court of Justice this week. The changes to the directive will give employees the right to paid annual leave from day one, instead of after the current qualifying period of 13 weeks . An employee will be able to take 1.66 days holiday after the first month ­ pro-rata for the 20 day annual legal minimum. James Lowman ACS business and public affairs manager, said: "If a c-store owner takes on three Christmas temporaries at £4 an hour, working a 20 hour week, the change to legislation could cost £6 per employee a week. "That quickly adds significant extra costs c-stores can ill afford." The directive came into force on October 1 1998. {{NEWS }}