Nando's Grocery is planning to position its new Cranks vegetarian range as a rival to the Linda McCartney brand. The launch follows the closure of the Cranks restaurant chain in December 2001 and the company's acquisition of the brand. "It's the original vegetarian brand with a history going back 40 years," said md Phil Lynas. "But it is also about choosing to eat in a more responsible way." The new arrivals, launched in the Wellbeing sections of Sainsbury's stores this week, are led by three soups ­ Caribbean Pepperpot, Mixed Bean & Roasted Garlic and Rustic Tomato and Falgeolet (rsp: £1.69). They will be rolled out to other retailers, while salads, sandwiches and other products will follow later in the year. Flavours are rustic and products are GM free, contain no meat or meat substitutes, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Some are organic and gluten free. {{P&P }}