Brian Blessed's voice thundered around the Glazier's Hall like a battle cry as he entertained the audience at the St George's Day lunch. Blessed regailed the audience with tales of how, but for his gargantuan lungs, he came close to death while climbing Mount Everest, and how Gielgud berated him for pinching his bottom. The thespian threw down his microphone and advanced on the audience. His giant beard quivered menacingly and our sponsors Kraft, Rothmans and Nestlé sighed with relief as he passed by, declaring to the ladies: "I'm as randy now as at 25." And while the stage creaked and eventually began to fall apart, Blessed delivered the rousing soliloquy from Henry V. According to the great man, his next venture will be joining the space exploration to Mars. The Martians won't know what's hit them. {{COUNTERPOINT }}