from Alistair Menzies, The Day Chocolate Company

Sir; It was disappointing not to see any evidence of the significant growth in the fair trade market within UK confectionery sales anywhere in your Focus on Confectionery (The Grocer, October 8, p43).
In the premium moulded bar sector, Divine Fairtrade chocolate now has a 4.3% share, while in the higher cocoa end Divine Dark Chocolate has a 7% share. The total value of Dark Divine sales has doubled year-on-year. This sort of growth is exceptional in the moulded bar sector at the moment.
I hope you will agree that making this impact in a very competitive market has been a
real achievement. Back in 1998 people said it couldn’t be done, but Divine has achieved more than we ever imagined. That, in turn, has meant significant benefits to the Ghanaian farmers who co-own the brand.