The MP who has tabled a Bill to give owners of commercial premises more power to defend themselves against intruders has told The Grocer that government opposition has merely “stoked the fire”.
Patrick Mercer, shadow homeland security minister, said that the Bill was not a “dead duck” despite home secretary Charles Clarke declaring last week that there will not be a change of law.
“The fact the government had to publish a document to explain the law shows that it needs to be changed,” he said. “It is clear 90% of the population is in favour.”
Mercer’s Private Member’s Bill, which received its Second Reading yesterday (Friday), proposes that anyone using force in the prevention of crime or in the defence of themselves, their family or property should not face prosecution unless the degree of force was “grossly disproportionate”.
“Government saw fit to change civil law to make it more difficult for burglars to sue, why not do the same with criminal law?” asked Mercer.
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