A growing number of independent retailers are embracing the concept of civil recovery. Retail Loss Prevention says it has recruited more than 100 stores, many of which are grocery retailers, to the schemes it has launched in Macclesfield, Maidenhead, Manchester, Shrewsbury and York. Under the scheme, staff or customers found stealing are issued with a notice of civil recovery from the store manager and expected to pay compensation ranging from £60 to several thousand pounds, irrespective of any criminal case. Retail Loss Prevention calculates the damages and issues the thief with a civil demand letter within six weeks of the incident, while the offender has 28 days to pay up. "We've seen a massive uplift since the summer," said RLP director Professor Joshua Bamfield. All multiples are now on board except Somerfield and Asda ­ which is running its own civil recovery scheme in the south east. However, another major grocery retailer is "very close" to signing up, said Bamfield. The company is believed to be Somerfield. {{NEWS }}