Rumours were circulating in Whitehall this week that Sir Don Curry's bid for £500m from the Treasury to help rebuild UK farming has been successful. Government departments will find out how much cash they have been allocated in the mid-term spending review when the Treasury announces the results next week. A DEFRA spokesman said this would offer a rough indication of how much would go to specific projects, although precise details of how the money is shared out within the department would not be released until the autumn. Farming and Food Policy Commission chairman Sir Don made a personal appeal to Treasury minister Paul Boateng last month, urging the government to fund the recommendations in his report ­ budgeted at £500m over three years. After the meeting Curry said he had been encouraged by Boateng's level of understanding of the commission's report, and by his interest in it. Curry said he hoped to know whether he had been successful or not by early next week. {{NEWS }}