Controversial EU proposals on labelling of nutrition and health claims could be back on the agenda at the European Parliament before Christmas after months of delay, the Forum of Private Business has warned.
The proposals, which have been roundly criticised as draconian and unfair, would prevent manufacturers from making positive health claims about specific ingredients if the product in which they were used was deemed unhealthy
This would, in effect, ban a manufacturer from making a claim such as ‘contains folic acid, good for your unborn baby’ if the product also contained high quantities of sugar or salt. Suppliers would also be required to provide
detailed scientific evidence supporting health claims, which could cost thousands, claimed FPB food adviser Bob Salmon.
He said: “A lot of specialist health foods and supplements are produced by very small players, such as farms. Larger providers will be able to invest in scientifically verifying any claims, whereas the smaller producer won’t and will be frozen out of the market.”