The number of second runs for national daily and Sunday newspapers was up during January 2002, according to the latest Association of Newspaper & Magazine Wholesalers figures. Daily papers caused almost 6,000 wholesaler vans to re-run in January 2002, compared with 4,656 during December 2001. In a year on year comparison, the total number of double runs rose by nearly 1,500. In the Sunday market the number of double runs rose from it slowest ever figure of 525 for December 2001 to 819 in January 2002. Year on year there was a slight reduction. In February, the number of re-runs for the dailies fell back to 5,635. Most re-runs were caused by the Daily Mirror, at 1,681. A total of 1,324 vans were re-run for Sunday papers. The Sunday Times was responsible for 405. or the fifth consecutive month,there were no reruns for Sunday Sport. {{CTN }}