The merger of two of the largest dairy companies in the Netherlands has been approved by the European Commission. Brussels competition experts said the acquisition of Nutricia Dairy and Drinks Group by Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods Holding does not represent any threat to competition in the dairy market. FCDF is owned by the Dutch dairy co-operative Zuivelco-peratie de Zeven Provincien and has worldwide dairy products activities. NDDG is currently part of Netherlands based Koninklijke Numico and produces dairy drinks, sports drinks and coffee whiteners. The main overlaps between the activities of the two companies concern flavoured dairy drinks and coffee milk. - In New Zealand the merger of the largest cooperatives and the Dairy Board has created a single integrated company, GlobalCo. It will process 95% of New Zealand's milk and will be the country's largest company, representing 25% of exports. {{NEWS }}