The Danish pig industry has been given the all clear following a suspected outbreak of Classical Swine Fever.

The country’s Veterinary and Food Administration announced that its investigations into the incident proved negative.

The inquiry was called after a pig, which displayed symptoms of CSF, was found dead on arrival at the Bans slaughterhouse in Southern Jutland last week.

A premilinary investigation into another suspect pig, delivered to the Odense slaughterhouse on Funen, was also declared negative.

None of the other pigs delivered from the same farm showed any clinical symptoms and blood tests taken from pigs in the herd of origin also tested negative, the authorities said.

The alerts triggered a number of precautionary measures including the closure of the slaughterhouses and disinfection of the vehicles used for transport.

So far this year, three other suspected cases of CSF had been investigated and ruled negative.

The last recorded case of Classical Swine Fever in the Danish pig herd was in 1933.