Green & Black’s will be showing its darker side this Christmas with three premium gifting products for chocolate lovers.
Launching next month is the Dark Collection (rsp: £14.99 for 240g) - a selection of 28 handmade dark chocolates, including cherry truffle, hazelnut praline and vanilla fudge - and Dark Fudges (rsp: £10.99 for 160g), a gift box of 16 fudges. The box includes four fudge varieties - honey, which is decorated with a sprinkling of real pollen; ginger; vanilla covered in white chocolate speckles; and hazelnut, with a topping of chopped nuts.
All are coated in Green & Black’s trademark 70% bittersweet dark chocolate.
On the lighter side, the company is also launching a two-tiered Praline Collection (rsp: £5.99 for 240g) of 24 individually wrapped soft centres.
These are the first major innovations since the brand was bought by Cadbury Schweppes earlier this year.